Carbognano, Bianconi Theater

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Ersilia Rocchi


Via Fontanavecchia, 2


XXI Secolo
The Bianconi Theatre of Carbognano founds its roots through an adventure begun by three friends in 1978 and culminated in the Group G.I.A.D. (artistic director Giuseppe Magagnini), today able to offer an artistic proposal of quality as that offered by the Roman halls just 50 minutes from the Capital.

Carbognano, Bianconi Theater


It was September 1948 when Mario Liberati, a great artist of carbognanesi origins, wanted to to donate to his hometown a place of leisure and entertainment and inaugurated the Cine Teatro Capriccio (just because it was born from a “whim”) then became Bianconi Theatre after the purchase by the Parish. In 1978 three friends entered for the first time in the building that had once been a theater, then fallen into disuse and later transformed into a gymnasium. Thus began the artistic adventure of that nucleus that will become the G.I.A.D. Group (artistic director artistic director Giuseppe Magagnini) and that will see the transformation of the gymnasium again in theater. In the 2000s, the structure has been completely renovated in modern style: the hall can accommodate 154 spectators in comfortable armchairs reserved for them. The actors perform on a The actors perform on a medium-sized stage with a proscenium of 6.10 m and a depth of 6.90 m.

The theater is located near the main square of the town and a few meters from a large parking lot. Since 2002, the artistic direction presents every year a playbill, staging the same quality offered by the Roman halls, so that the Teatro Bianconi is now one of the most stable, long-lived and dynamic cultural realities of the territory of Viterbo.

The theatrical season usually begins in October and ends in May with comic shows, intense, exciting, with talents of absolute value and big names of Italian theater.

Over the years, the Bianconi Theatre has hosted nationally renowned artists such as Michele La Ginestra, Edy Angelillo, Gennaro Cannavacciuolo, Massimo Wertmuller, Rodolfo Laganà, Marco Morandi, Nicola Pistoia, Paolo Triestino, Michela Andreozzi, Beatrice Fazi, Paola Tiziana Cruciani, Max Pisu, Milena Miconi, Emanuela Aureli together with many young talents.

Next to a proposal for adults, there is also space for children. Every year the Bianconi Theatre presents a mini-season dedicated to children from 4 to 12 years old who, accompanied by their parents, can attend funny and exciting shows designed just for them.

On weekdays when the audience is not present, the hall is transformed into the School of the Arts, the center the artistic training center of Teatro Bianconi which hosts acting, singing, dancing and other courses (English courses with mother tongue teacher, Postural Gymnastics courses).

A small reality of the province that over time has become increasingly established in the territory so much often attracting an audience from neighboring municipalities, but also from the capital. Spectators feel welcomed and pampered from the first phone contact with the staff of the room always ready to satisfy every request. At the entrance, delicious pastries are offered to the incoming and at the end of the performances, the actors linger with those who want a photo or an exchange of words. photo or an exchange of words.

Quality artistic proposals combined with a constant human contact make the magic of the Theatre.


Seats: 154

Proscenium width: 6.10 m

Stage depth: 6.90 m

Maximum scene height: 4,00 m

Voltage: 380 volts

Available power: 20 Kwatt

Loading and unloading: adjacencies stage

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Contacts: Teatro Bianconi di Carbognano, Via Fontana Vecchia, 12 – 01030 Carbognano (VT).

Tel. 3401045098 (anche WhatsApp).

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